Private Clients

We protect our clients wealth and ensure their financial security

It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best'. You have to succeed at what is necessary.

- Winston Churchill

The spirit of the entrepreneur is at heart of every successful business.

What is 'necessary' is to protect our health and our financial well-being. These are the most significant indicators of success.

What is ‘necessary’ for the protection and growth of wealth will vary according to each individuals core values and the prevailing trends and conditions applying to any given market segment; this combined with sound commercial practices cannot be over emphasised.

Because our Private Clients come from diverse backgrounds, our services and resources have been developed to understand and meet their unique needs.

Paramount in DELCOR’s assessment of its suitability to engage as a trusted advisor to any prospective client, is our ability to understand their core values, relevant experiences, primary objectives and personal style. The way a client operates is as important to DELCOR as any other consideration.

DELCOR’s experience has derived over many years from its extensive activities, operating as a private CFO to successful Private Clients with very diverse backgrounds.

We bring to this select market an experienced and highly credentialed team.


  1. Personal Financial Management Strategies
  2. Cash Flow Management
  3. Tax Accounting
  4. Managing Tax Liabilities
  5. Personal Financial Goals
  6. Estate Planning
  7. Personal Insurance
  8. Personal Investments
  9. Documentation Management