We understand a strong focus on clearly defined family milestones creates intergenerational family success

Seek First to Understand, then be Understood

- Stephen Covey

Our experience at DELCOR confirms that the 'typical family' does not exist.

While there will always be similarities between families, no one strategy is ever exactly right for every family situation. There are always unique circumstances demanding a bespoke approach.

We have learned that even the 'self-made' person or family recognises that their life has been fortuitously favoured at times, by good timing, the occasional helping hand and a few lucky breaks.

Much more than is generally understood or appreciated, Families are a major driving influence upon economic growth and stability in free enterprise societies.

Scratch just a little beneath the corporate surface of many of our most successful businesses and you will discover the evidence of the entrepreneurship, vision and industry of earlier pioneering generations, principally families, without whose contribution there might not be a contemporary commercial legacy.

Success is never achieved in a vacuum.

It is not uncommon to discover the genesis of brilliance, collective vision, achievement and sacrifice in families that found the inspiration to create traditions that are more than just mere reflections of the past.

DELCOR understands that there must be an appreciation, even a reverence and certainly an understanding, for what is unique in every Family client's history.

DELCOR is more than just a company name. It represents our commitment to understanding and delivering on a client's Core Values.

Of course DELCOR has its own core values; values such as Integrity, Trust, and Accountability etc. These are the principles that govern our behaviour and ensure that we are ethical and transparent with all clients, as well as being leaders in our industry.

However, and most importantly, we believe that there are core values in a client's traditions, successes, history and even their failures, that must be understood for the contribution they have made to who and what any given family has become.

Return on investment cannot be understated, of course, but it does not represent everything that characterises, or is of worth to a successful Family. It is always appropriate to add to both status and accumulated wealth, the obstacles that have been overcome in the process.

Each Family is unique in its own special way and at DELCOR we seek to understand that 'special way' so that we ultimately contribute holistically over time and generations.

With each new adventure in life, we are often left to ponder if we are in over our head. DELCOR has come to realise that progress, and ultimately success, is simply a matter of persevering until the challenge is overcome.


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