DELCOR Family Office Acquires ADWEB, a Leading Global Provider of Online Solutions

October 12, 2017

DELCOR Family Office recently acquired ADWEB, a leading global provider of online solutions. ADWEB’s flagship product, Intranet DASHBOARD “iD”, is an integrated digital workplace which brings people, processes and information together.  iD has over 2000 clients across all industries in 65 countries and more than 1.2million users.

iD is a place where everyone and everything is interconnected in a meaningful way.  iD allows easy storage, file sharing, information and finding people, in one platform. The intranet & portal engages employees where content and conversations live together, everyone has the tools required to get the real work done; making it a true digital workplace.


ADWEB’s high barrier to entry, strong double digit rates of return, excellent cash flow and strong EBITDA, places ADWEB in an excellent position to continue to expand the business in key growth markets in short time frames. ADWEB fits well amongst the DELCOR portfolio of Private Equity Businesses.